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Illinois Willows


Expert guided training opportunities presented by Kent Miles, owner of Illinois Willows

Growing Foundations

This training is perfectly suitable for beginners or those who have tried growing before but are looking to advance their education, spend time on an actual working farm, and jumpstart their growing journey.

Intermediate Farm Training

This training is ideal for those who have scaled beyond hobby growing and are ready to bring their operation to the next level. Participants will spend time both in the field and in the barn learning practical and efficient ways to grow their operation.

Advanced Farm Training

This intensive, hands-on training is geared towards advanced growers that are seeking out the guidance and support of a seasoned expert or who intend to go to market with their product. Kent will work with participants in all areas of the farm operation, including the barn, the field, and harvesting for market.

Trainings are available in 2, 4, and 6 hour lengths.

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