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Red Curly Willow Wreaths

Red Curly Willow Wreath

Our fresh Red Curly Willow Wreaths are made from our most popluar willow. They are available in two sizes : small 24" - 34" and medium 38"- 48" .





Willow varieties; sizes,grades,pack amounts,etc..

 Our willows are available from November - mid April

We have a product minimum of $ 35.00 per order.

Green Curly Willow
Tips -2'-4' ,15st./bu. ($10.00)
Medium 4'-6',10st./bu. ($15.00)
Red Curly Willow
Tip size -15st/bu. 2'-4' ($10.00)
Medium size- 10st/bu. 4'-6' ($15.00)
Tall size-5st/bu. 7'-8' ($20.00)
Red Curly Willow Wreath
Small: 36"-40" dia. ($75.00)
Medium: 48"-52"dia. ($150.00)