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Red Curly Willow Wreaths

Red Curly Willow Wreath

Our fresh Red Curly Willow Wreaths are made from our most popluar willow. They are available in two sizes : small 36" and medium 48". Click here to purchase!




Red Curly Willow before harvest. Note the reddish copper color of the bark in winterRed Curly Willow plant after harvestRed Curly Willow Bundle sizes : Tips - 2'-4', Medium -4'-5', Tall - 5'-7' Green Curly Willow : Tall and Medium grades bundle sizesBunches , tip size : Red Curly Willow, Green Curly Willow, Cardinal Dogwood , Yellow Twig Dogwood, and Purple Heirloom WillowPurple Heirloom WillowPurple Heirloom Willow BundlesPurple Heirloom WillowRed Curly Willow Wreath